Monday, February 21, 2011

home search day 1

We had a very busy day. We viewed 8 homes in the city of Martina, Brindisi,and Grottalie. Really need to decide if we want to live in the city or country. Country is lovely but we might have a hard time getting into town because after being in a car I definantly will NEVER drive in Italy!!!!! We will be going into the city tomorrow to look at apartments. City will probably give us more things to do when we aren't traveling, but will mean tighter living quarters. I'm leaning towards the city, but Daniel likes the country. Realizing that this will be my first time in a foreign country without a translater a VERY scary thought :(  Up late because of my cappucino,green tea, and Cafe Americano I drank today. Can you say caffeine high :)


  1. I think we need the city cause I think there is a better chance they speak English.

  2. Hey you 2, looks like I finally got it! Gooooo Laptop, Smartphones can't do everything huh Joshua? Darleen, thanks for the updates it's almost like being there without the glory, fun, 1st Class and 5 Star Hotel.Hmmmmmm I agree with kids, love the peace of the country like Danial, but if you're determined not to drive in Italy, City life sounds more practical location. Additionally, the added possibility of more English speakers until your fluent in Italian!!! LOL. Love you guys and keep up the busy work can't believe you have seen 20 perspective homes/ do you keep all of these places straight for recall, alot of pics, etc? Until soon Luv ya guys, Berlinda

  3. Darleen, please send some pics anything apts, the lanscape, cows, pigs, etc and even the beautiful people of Italy, would love to see if it isn't to difficult to do.