Sunday, February 20, 2011

the trip over

Left on our 11 hour trip on Alitalia business class. I hope everyone once in their life gets to fly business class. Seats like recliners,meals served on a linen placemat using real china and silverware,six courses served one at a time. Liquor was FREE but I still had no business having sparkling wine,chardonney and Limoncello for dessert. And nobody told me the effects of liquor are magnified in the air(something to do with the air pressure??) After our great flight we had to sit in the Rome airport for a 5 hour delay. Normally I could people watch but I was so tired from jet lag and sick from the liquor that I literally just watched the time go by. Oh wait I forgot, I watched other people watching Daniel as he laid across the benches snoring loudly. You know me, I gave  each of them a dirty look and they looked away quickly :) Then it was a quick 45 minutes in Economy class to Brindisi. It humbled me quickly as I became a contortionist just trying to cross my legs :(  We rented a car that was brand new never having been driven to make our way to Taranto where our hotel is. Needless to say the cars in Italy are very small and Daniel and I looked like circus clowns, we barely fit the  luggage  in the car  hahaha lol :) After getting lost once we finally made it to our hotel which  is a restored medieval masseria. Tomorrow begins the house hunting:)

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