Sunday, July 10, 2011


Friday found me meeting with two new friends :) For their privacy, I wouldn't want you trying to contact them lol, I shall refer to them by their first names only. Anyways, Hollie was a facebook friend since February when I joined the Boeing in Italy fb group. I followed her travels and wished, and still wish, that I will be brave and venture out as she has. I would post an occasional "like" or "comment" on her page. After having been in Brindisi for around 4 days, I sent out a fb SOS. Holly replied with a message and her phone number and the rest has yet to be written. After I left a voice message on a non-existant voice mail(the italian lady was trying to say that there wasn't a mail box for the number) Hollie called me and a location and time were set up to meet at a cafe, it was there that I met Roberta. Of course I had my side kick Johanna, and over the course of 2 hours?? we had all our questions answered. There was the most important question from Johanna "Where can I go to get my eyebrows waxed?" to my "Where can I get money from my Bank of America card" lol :) All were answered with patience and understanding. Both ladies had come to Italy with their husbands only and had to go it alone. I told them that if I had to stay in an apartment/hotel alone while Daniel was at work all day it would have been the shortest turnaround trip in history. They have my admiration for having done it alone for so long. The rest of the day was spent driving around finding the essentials:bakery,meat market,cheese place??,bank, and where to buy tickets for the bus and water taxi and least I not forget, THE BEACH. God puts people in your life at just the right time :)

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  1. Hi Tulcans, glad God has provided u with new friends along the journey. How was your first day- trip u planned. Johanna I can wax ur brows for free if u fly me in! LOL Darleen I love ur blog keep it up!!! I'm getting ready for church, will say "Hi!" to Whittier Area Community Church for you. I'm sure they as we miss our favorite soloist Sarah.:(
    Love you all, Dad, Mom, Berlinda, Alexander n Phillip (Boys. are off to Laguna Beach right now!) :)