Thursday, July 7, 2011

Italy First 6 days

The long awaited, living vicariously through me post :) This one will be anti-climactic. What does a family do when mom feels nauseous, they stay in the apartment until she feels better,at around 3pm everyday. And just to answer what some of you are thinking,I'm not pregnant haha Actually we got a lot of housekeeping and errands done. We went to the local Auchon(think Wal-mart)and stocked up on supplies Daniel didn't know he needed :) The family,minus myself(needed to stay very close to a toilet) drove around for 2-4 hours, depends on who you ask, trying to find a 4th of July party. European GPS is done by longitude and Latitude and apparently Daniel had the wrong coordinates. They gave up and had a lot of funny stories to tell of their time spent in the car. Around day 5 i started feeling better so we took the water taxi to downtown. That will defiantly be where the kids will be hanging out. Apparently the whole town hangs out after dinner. Its pretty cool to see people of all ages just coming to the promenade to get out and socialize. Think a nicer uptown Whittier with more shops and gelato/espresso bars and you can get an idea. Oh yeah put ages 13-80ish just kicking it together :) good times. Apartment life takes getting used to. Never lived in one, so am getting used to the sounds at all hours. The boys "Americano's" are pretty popular, whenever they go to the street to kick a soccer ball around they are instantly joined by the 3 neighborhood boys :) The Italian boys have even taken to standing in the street and bouncing their ball while looking up at our balcony. The girls are doing good. Sarah has pretty much put together all the Ikea furniture in the house and Johanna has taken up cleaning :) What would I do without them??? Have to go for now, trying to plan a day trip up the coast to Bari or Barletta :) Ciao

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  1. Hello Tulcan Family,
    The Bahnams n De La Varas to name a few Definitely NOT jealous!!! Glad ur having a good time--Tulcans take Italy by storm! It may never be the same. Love n miss u all already. Your mom, Berlinda and sons